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God Made Mankind To Bring Him Glory
Construction Zone 6: God's View of You
Stage: 3

Question Answer
Why are human beings the pinnacle, the most glorious part, of all God's Creation?

Of all God's Creation, human beings are made to be most like God and to bring Him more of the glory He deserves. Psalm 86:9 – All nations whom You have made shall come and worship before You, O Lord, and shall glorify Your name.

The Difference This Truth Makes
God did not need to create man, but He created us for His own glory. Humans, more than any other part of God’s Creation, bring God glory. Why is that? Because it is through people that God’s glory can be seen most clearly.

Have you ever gone to a house of mirrors? If the glass is not flat, the image reflected back at you will be twisted. It might look a little bit like you, but not as much as if the glass were nice and flat.

When God first created man, His image in man was clearer, like the kind of image a perfectly flat mirror would reflect. When Adam fell and sin came into the world, the image of God in man became blurry and twisted, but it did not completely disappear. Your life can be a reflection of God’s glory!