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The First Four Commandments
Construction Zone 7: God's Law
Stage: 2

Question Answer
What are the first four of the Ten Commandments in order as they are given in Exodus 20:3-8?

The Difference This Truth Makes
When you think of the Ten Commandments, you should think of Exodus 20 right away. That is the main place to find the Ten Commandments in the Bible.

Whenever the word “thou” is used, it means “you.” We should never think that the Ten Commandments are not meant for us right now. They are! God’s Law is as unchanging as God’s character.

Breaking God’s Law is a big deal because it is sin against a holy God. Going against God’s Law is the same as going against God.

Talk About It: What can the second commandment teach us about God’s nature? What can the third commandment teach us about God's character?

Fast Fact: The Ten Commandments are often called the Decalogue, from the Greek word that means “ten words.”