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All of Us Have Broken God’s Law
Construction Zone 7: God's Law
Stage: 8

Question Answer
Can sinners get to heaven by trying really hard to obey all of the Ten Commandments?

No. Nobody but Jesus is good enough to get to heaven by keeping the Law perfectly. Romans 3:20a – Therefore by the deeds of the law no flesh will be justified in His sight.

The Difference This Truth Makes
Some people think that if they try hard to obey God’s Law they will be accepted by Him. But we have all fallen short of God’s standard of perfect righteousness. Even if everyone tried to live perfectly starting today, they could never make up for the sins they have committed in the past. That is why no one will ever be declared righteous through the doing the works of the Law. It is impossible to be saved by “good” works.

We cannot become God’s children by obeying commandments. We need a heart change first. It is impossible to obey God without God. We need God. He gives the best help in obeying His Law.

Obeying the Ten Commandments is impossible without faith in Christ. God must change our heart to love Him. This heart change happens only through faith. (Deuteronomy 30:6; 2 Corinthians 5:17) When people come to God by faith, He changes their hearts to love Him.

When you become a Christian through faith in Christ, you are not under the Law anymore, but you still need to obey it. In fact, if you know Christ, He will change your heart so you will want to obey His Law even more. He saved us so we could obey the Law, not break it. (Romans 6:5)

The Law teaches lost people that they are sinful and in need of forgiveness. God’s Law drives people to see their need for Christ (Romans 3:19).

For a Christian, whole obedience to the Law is the goal – not just obeying on the outside, but obeying on the inside, too. Christ fulfilled the Law perfectly, and God saves us to become like Christ in our words, actions, and thoughts. When we obey the Law, we are being like Christ.

Talk About It: What can the eighth commandment teach us about God’s character?

Fast Fact: God is merciful to thieves. We know this because the first person Christ saved through the cross was a thief (Luke 23:42-43).