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God Saves Us for His Glory
Construction Zone 9: God's Gift - Salvation
Stage: 7

Question Answer
Why does God save believing sinners from their sins?

God saves believing sinners because He wants great glory for Himself and great good for His people. Isaiah 43:25a – " I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake."

The Difference This Truth Makes
God is the only One Who can forgive us, because He is the One we have hurt and angered with our sins.

Why did God invent the Gospel in the first place? Why would the God Who created everything put so much work into making a way for sinners to escape their sins and the penalty of their sins?

You have already studied one reason! God’s goodness. God is so good! One of the main attributes of God’s goodness is His infinite, amazing love. No one loves like God loves. It is not humanly possible for us to love as much as God loves the world.

We cannot even understand how great God’s love is, so it may be even harder to imagine that God has an even greater reason for wanting to save us: His own glory! Think about it: God created us to glorify Him and to enjoy Him forever. When we sin, we all fall short of God’s glory. When Jesus Christ came to live and die and rise again, He did it out of love for His people – but ultimately, He did it so that God would receive the glory due to His name.