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Salvation Is Forever and Ever!
Construction Zone 9: God's Gift - Salvation
Stage: 8

Question Answer
Can anyone ever lose true salvation?

No. Salvation is a gift from God, Who never changes. Romans 11:29 – For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.

The Difference This Truth Makes
The reason we can be sure that God will never take back His wonderful gift of salvation is His unchanging character. God never changes and His promises are always going to be as reliable (trustworthy) as He is.

Many people wonder if they need to get saved over and over and over again. But if they have truly received salvation, it will last forever! Eternal life begins the moment of your conversion. If you are “born again,” you have eternal life – right now! – and you will forever. (That’s what “eternal” means: “forever.”)

People wonder whether they might be in danger of losing their salvation after they have been converted. They think perhaps they could do something that would cause God to take away His gift once He has given it. But God does not change His mind about our relationship with Him. He does not take back the eternal gifts He has freely given.

God’s purpose in saving people is an eternal purpose – not temporary! Salvation is God’s gift, God’s call, and God’s work. God cannot and will not fail or let us down. His salvation will never fail, either.