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God’s Children Should Say “No” to Sin
Construction Zone 10: God's Purpose for His Children
Stage: 5

Question Answer
What does it mean to 'be holy in heart and mind'?

To be holy in heart and mind means to devote my whole self to loving God and hating sin. 1 Peter 1:15b – He who called you is holy.

The Difference This Truth Makes
Children are like their parents. They “inherit” (get from their parents) things that reflect the image of their parents. Maybe people have told you that “you have your dad’s blue eyes.” Or maybe “you talk just like your mom.” Parents can be “seen” somehow in their children. God is holy, and He is our Father. His children should bear the “family resemblance” – they should be holy, like their Father is holy.

To be holy means to be completely separate (set apart) from sin. God works in Christians to set them apart from their sinful selves and from the sinful world.

It is every Christian’s responsibility (job, duty) to live a holy life. Since believers are “in Christ,” they have also been given the ability and privilege to live holy lives! God commands us to be holy. He has provided everything we need in order to be holy. With gifts like these, God shows us every day that He is both holy and good.