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Knowing Christ through Faith Is Very Important
Construction Zone 10: God's Purpose for His Children
Stage: 8

Question Answer
How does God change and sanctify His children to make them more holy and more like Christ?

God works through His Spirit and His Word to change and sanctify His children from the inside out by showing and teaching them more of Christ. 2 Peter 1:3a – As His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness.

The Difference This Truth Makes
You have learned that God has provided us with all we need to become more and more like Christ. But do you ever feel like you try and try to be good, and you just can’t? The power we need to live a holy life comes through the knowledge of God. Knowing Christ is what changes us to be more like Him. We could look at it this way: the more we know Him, the more we will be like Him. The less we know Him, the less we will be like Him.

God wants us to know Him. Knowing God involves knowing facts about Him, but it also means a much deeper knowledge that just facts about God. You should have a personal relationship with Him, talking with Him, spending time with Him, growing closer to Him. We get to know God through faith, learning about Him through His Word and trusting and obeying Him with the Spirit’s help. That is the difference between knowing about God, and knowing God.