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God Controls All Creation
Construction Zone 11: God's Work - Past and Present
Stage: 3

Question Answer
Is the LORD always in control of all things?

Yes. The LORD is always in control of all things. Psalm 103:19b – His kingdom rules over all.

The Difference This Truth Makes
A king has complete rule over all of his kingdom. The Lord is a King too. He is the King of kings. God’s kingdom is so big that the Bible says He rules over all.

God works in ways far beyond our understanding to make His good plans happen. He works in things, He works through things, and He works with things. God even uses people who rebel (turn against Him), and He works with the things that go against His plans – somehow He always carries out His perfect will.

Someone might think proud thoughts like: “God can’t stop me from doing this or that.” But the truth is, He can. And no matter what you do, God’s plans stand solid. You cannot mess up God’s plans! But you can submit yourself to God and His plans so that your life is joyful and meaningful.