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God Hates Sin
Construction Zone 11: God's Work - Past and Present
Stage: 4

Question Answer
If the LORD is in control of all things, but He still lets sin go on, does that mean He thinks some sin is okay sometimes?

No. Sin is never okay in the eyes of the LORD. Psalm 92:15b – There is no unrighteousness in Him.

The Difference This Truth Makes
Sometimes God keeps people from sin. (Genesis 20:6) Other times He allows them to do what they want, even if it is wicked. (Romans 1) But He is never guilty of causing or committing sin.

God hates sin. He will not overlook any sin. Someone might think that he has an excuse for his sin, since God is the One in control
of all things. But someone like that has the wrong idea! If there is anyone to blame for our sin – it is ourselves!

All of God’s eternal plans are righteous and holy. Although God has the awesome ability to work around our mistakes and our disobedience and yet still get done what He wants to do, He is never pleased by sin. And He will never come even close to being guilty of sin Himself.