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Nobody Knows When Jesus Is Coming Again
Construction Zone 12: God's Plan for the Future
Stage: 8

Question Answer
When will Jesus Christ come back in glory to judge the living and the dead?

No one knows when Jesus Christ will come back, but we do know we must be ready. Mark 13:35a – "Watch therefore, for you do not know when the master of the house is coming."

The Difference This Truth Makes
Nobody knows when Christ will come back; but in the Bible, Jesus commands His children to watch for His return. This does not mean we should stand all day long staring up into the sky. It does mean that we should be the kind of servants who would not be ashamed if our Master returned right now. We should be ready and waiting.

Mark 13:35 speaks of Christ as the Owner of a house. We know that all of Creation belongs to Jesus – He owns it. In Bible times, the owner of a house might go away and leave all his belongings in the care of a trusted servant. When the house owner returned he would want a report from the servant. After the report, the house owner would be happy, disappointed, or angry – depending on how the servant took care of the things he left behind. Jesus will be very happy with those who faithfully served Him, and He will give them rewards. Jesus will be disappointed with those Christians who lived a selfish life, but He will still save them. Jesus will be angry at the wicked who said “no” to Him. Jesus is coming back! What will be His attitude toward you?