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Your church has decided to begin the Kids 4 Truth Club. Now what?  You can also find this on the Kids 4 Truth Clubs website, but here below are the recommended steps to take for a successful club launch:


Register online to become an official Kids 4 Truth Club.  This free registration is not absolutely required, but it gives our customer service department information to help us provide the best possible support to your church.

Each church who registers or places an order is automatically assigned a customer service representative. Although you are welcome to speak to any of our staff, your regional account representative will touch base with you on a regular basis to make sure your questions are being answered and your needs are being met. Our staff is available to assist churches in setting up the program for their local church, understanding the flexible scenarios and creating a scenario best suited to their church’s unique needs, training their director or workers, and placing their initial order.


You will want to register on our EquipU website ( to receive free downloadable teacher training materials, TruthTime Teacher Lesson Plans (to accompany the K4T TruthBooks curriculum), record sheets, coloring pages, and many more helpful children's ministry resources. Registration for this site is not required, but it allows you to participate in the online forums and sends you our monthly Clubs E-Newsletter. We encourage not only the pastor or director of a church to use the EquipU site, but also workers and parents. The EquipU site is full of useful information and resources to use in teaching your children the truths of God’s Word.


Also from EquipU, you can download and work through your choice of the Director’s StartUp Manuals. Our Director’s StartUp Manual walks you through setting up a program for your ministry and help you determine the materials you need.

Feel free to contact our staff for help setting up a program in your church. We will listen to your goals and concerns and give you recommendations based upon your priorities and needs. We believe it is important to keep the program as flexible as possible.

Our aim is not to make each church look identical or to maintain a "cookie cutter" operation, but rather, we hope to equip and encourage each church or family with what they need to teach children rightly. We want children truly to "get it" that "life is all about God!" and not all about learning facts or earning acclamation.

We do not want churches to feel in bondage to a program, but for our program to be of service to the churches. Therefore, churches choose what they wish to use of our materials, and how they will use it, instead of being subject to our preferences. The reality is, we don't view our customers as "Kids 4 Truth churches," but as churches who are using Kids 4 Truth to advance their children's understanding of the God of the Bible – Who He is, what He is doing, and what He expects of us – and, as much as is possible, to cultivate in their hearts a genuine, increasing love for that God.


Promoting your program: Consider setting up a display to introduce your church family to the program. A display often includes TruthBooks, standards, and award patches. You may also want to download and print some of the promotional posters from the EquipU site. If you are using awards, you may want to download the "Awards You Can Earn" poster. This poster is bright and colorful and shows all levels with their corresponding available award patches.

Introduce the program to your church family by showing the Kids 4 Truth Intro/Promotional video. This ten-minute video communicates the heartset of Kids 4 Truth, describes the scope and sequence of the curriculum, and gives testimonies from workers, parents, and children who have been involved in the program. The video can be shown to the entire congregation or shown on a computer screen (repeating loop) at a display table.

If you are using the program to reach out into the community, consider using a vinyl banner in front of your church. Additional promotional items are downloadable posters and flyers. Download and add your content to these posters or flyers and distribute throughout your community.

Enlisting workers: Get adults (and teens?) signed up to help in your program by posting or passing around worker sign-up sheets. List the positions you have available and share your heart and goals for teaching the children God-focused truth in creative, memorable ways through this ministry.

Enrolling children: It will simplify the ordering process when you register the children before it's time to place the order. You could color-code your registration cards according to levels (green = level 1, red = level 2, yellow = level 3, and blue = level 4) and have parents fill out the appropriate card for each child they wish to enroll in the Kids 4 Truth Club. Sort these registration cards according to color, and keep count of each color to determine how many TruthBooks, standards, and award patches you will need for each level.

TIP: A good time to register both children and workers is after you have shown the Kids 4 Truth Info/Promotional DVD.


After you know how many children will be participating per each level, it is time to place your order. Our staff is willing to review your order to make sure you have what you need and have not left anything out or added anything you don't necessarily need. Feel free to contact us via email, phone or online chat (through the EquipU site's instant-messaging client) if you would like us to review your order before you place it. Once you are ready to place your order, you can do so online at (or by calling us toll-free at 866-754-4272).

Payment Options:Kids 4 Truth accepts credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments. We will also permit ministries to invoice orders. If you would like to set up an account for your ministry so that you may invoice orders, please contact us.


Using the EquipU site, download whatever print-ready resources you want to have on-hand prior to launching the club (attendance sheets, award record sheets, Curriculum Explanation Flyers, posters to promote your program, communication cards, etc.).

Order: Divide/organize your order according to levels for distribution ease. If you have registered your children before placing an order, you can use the names on the registration cards to:
1. Put names in TruthBooks (students' workbooks) with a ball-point or Sharpie pen.
2. Put names on inside seam of standards (use a permanent marker such as a Sharpie).
3. Put names, addresses, etc. on attendance and awards record sheets.
4. Compile an informational packet for children to take home to their parents or guardians. This packet might include a welcome letter from the church leadership and a Curriculum Explanation Flyer (you can find this flyer on EquipU, as well).

Volunteer workers: Determine where you plan to use each of your volunteer workers. Make sure each one knows his/her role in helping the club meetings operate smoothly. Make sure they all have received the training they need.* Depending on the size of your club and/or individual levels within your club, you could designate a "floating hub" person or central record-keeper to keep records for all, or make a notebook/folder for each grouping of children so that the workers in that group may track attendance and awards for the children with whom they are working. It is good to include pencils, ball-point pens, and stickers in this folder.
*See "Training" section below for resources.

Awards: Organize your patches into containers so that applying patches to standards can be as efficient as possible. Tackle boxes or clear plastic compartmentalized craft boxes make great organizer containers for patches. Appoint one worker to manage the patch application process, so that the patches (ideally) can be applied to standards during non-recitation segments of the program and returned to their owners with new awards at the very end of the club meeting time. Print out the Ironing Instructions document for the worker who is applying awards and make sure he/she knows how to affix the award patches properly to the standards.


Determine how you want to prepare your workers. Several training options are available with the help of Kids 4 Truth resources, websites, and/or staff members:
1. Online video tutorials
2. Online Webinar training
3. Training PowerPoint Files
4. A regional training event
5. Leadership training (so leaders in turn can train more workers)
6. A scheduled training event at your own church using any combination of the above options

If you have further questions about the Kids 4 Truth curriculum and clubs program, the Clubs website really is the best place to learn more. Go there to view samples of the curriculum, specifics on our beliefs, the philosophy behind the Q&A catechetical method of teaching doctrine, and pricing breakdowns.


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